Just a problem

by Steve

Whenever I talk in front of a group of people at times I stammer and start shaking uncontrollably and my heart beats so fast. Even if I do the talking quite well, I usually find myself sweating a lot. Please help me stop this.

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Just a problem
by: Anonymous

Stammering is a difficulty, it can be treated. If you get a chance go and see the Kings Speech movie, it is about King George who had to ascend the throne of Britain after his brother the Duke of Windsor stood down after his association with Wallis Simpson who later became his duchess.

King George had a stammer and had never been prepared to be King. He was helped to overcome his stammer and he actually became a better king than his brother would ever have been. I have not seen it but intend to do so.

Fearful thoughts
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Most people will agree that they get butterflies in their tummies and feel very nervous before speaking in public. This is natural. What you have to become aware of and think about is that you can tell yourself its OK to be nervous before you speak, but then you must believe that once you start speaking the nerves will go and your words will flow.

Stop concentrating on being nervous concentrate on how great your talk is going to be and how much everyone is going to enjoy it. When you stand up let your first words be in your mind, say "I am great, I can do this" Take a couple of deep breaths, feel the calmness and confidence wash over you, feel good about yourself and start speaking.

Go walking if you can and try doing this a few times so that you can feel that wonderful calmness that you are capable of bringing within you. This is what you need to enable you to 'do good'. I imagine you wont sweat so much once your fear is gone.

I wish you luck, the more you give these talks the easier they will become particularly when you control the fearful thoughts that you have.


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