Joys of going away on vacation

by Elizabeth

One wonders what is in it to go away for a break.

Why is it that so many hassles come up? There are repairs to be done as something breaks at the last moment. The time before, one of my cats became ill and had to be put down, I broke a tooth, my front door lock needed fixing and ADT called for some reason or other, they said the alarm had gone off and that was a calling out fee to be paid.

The plane fare was expensive and I wondered if I would ever make it to my cousin's birthday celebration but I did after a lot of expense and much trauma and I must say it was all worth it

People have to be let know that you are going to be away, pets to be taken care of and you feel guilty when you have to take them to a cattery or boarding kennel. They are usually a bit upset that you are taking off and leaving them with strangers. It costs but you know that they are safe. Unless you can rely on the people who are supposed to be caring for them, it is best to arrange for their care otherwise.

Neighbours to be let know where you will be, mail to be collected, papers to be stopped. The house locked up safely, the house alarm on, the garden tidy and plants put where they will get rain but sheltered from frost and drying out. Arrangements have to be made for someone to mow lawns and to check plants.

The appliances in the house to be turned off and unplugged, any perishable food to be given to neighbours to use or to be thrown out. Should you be going overseas, there is the hassle of getting on the plane, passports, travel insurance etc. luggage allowance and working out what you can bring back home.

Once you have finally got on your way, there is always something which has been left behind, usually something small like a toothbrush or a camera. I not only take my digital camera but I also take two or three disposables so that if the batteries or space on the digital camera run out, I have the others as a backup. Mind you they are more expensive to process but you do not lose your views.

After all this hassle you are finally on your way and you can leave it all behind for the time being with so many new experiences and places you have not visited before.

Time goes so quickly, and before you know it, it is all over and you just have photos and memories to look back on. You should come home refreshed.

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