jobless and hopeless at love

by shannon

I am finishing my level c ticket welding, I have looked online for jobs in this area and there isn't much.

I have to leave my friends children to go and look and I'm scared to death.

I also can't keep a relationship. The last guy I really did love but near the end I wasn't really happy the way he was treating me. My friends weren't happy with how he was treating me and I was becoming very unhappy. I left the situation so I could work on my schooling and home life.

I'm 36 jobless, alone, and I am known for being very negative. It just seems through my past and present I am thrown curve balls that I always have to push myself to get through.

I want to be positive and love life but it seems life doesn't love me lol.

My boyfriend said I was negative but when I tried to be upbeat he'd say things to get me thinking negative.

I think I'm not really attractive. I've had marks since I was 18, and can't seem to get over them. It makes it hard to date, and I need to know how to get over them.

I need to get over my fear of going by myself to leave and get a job. I want to be happy and enjoy life instead of just pushing all the time.

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Troubled Times
by: Kay

Hello Shannon

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

These are hard times at the moment aren't they? Many people are losing their jobs, and work often isn't there any more for many people.

I admire you for making the effort to study for your welding certificate. That in itself shows that you aren't quite as negative as you feel you are. It proves you have determination to see things through to the end.

The curve balls that you have come across in your life, you appear to have come through them in one piece, and I would ask you to look back on them and really think about what you have learned because of them.

I believe each time you have come through one, you have been made stronger because what you have learned from them. Look on all future curve balls as challenges to be embraced!

The fact that you got out of a relationship in which you weren't treated properly shows that you have self worth, and you know you deserve better.

All the above, is positive, not negative as you believe.

You have everything inside you to heal yourself and grow into the way you long to be. Basically, stop all the negative talk, and negative feelings that you have about yourself. All of these things have become true because you tell yourself they are, and of course, now you believe them, when in fact they aren't true.

When you want to change, you can do this with your self talk, which at the moment is destructive/negative. Make it constructive/positive.

Let the inner you, your inner voice, begin now this very minute, to change, and tell you that you are attractive, that you are capable, that you can move on to wherever you like, find a job, make new friends, because you are a strong person and nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to stop you.

Go girl!


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