by Jessica Padron
(Marietta G.A)

this is me in the red

this is me in the red

this is me in the red
this is me and my boyfriend
me again.

My name is Jessica, I'm not an ugly girl, but I'm not like whoa super beautiful. I get compliments from people often. But I still can't stop feeling low about myself. I'm 18 years old, I live with my boyfriend who is an awesome guy, Sometimes he has a little bit of an anger issue.

My problem is that although I know I'm not ugly, I definitely know there are way prettier girls out there than me. So when we go out or something he stares at girls who are really pretty, and when we used to have a Facebook account I would find out that he would check pretty girl's pictures, its jealousy? I don't know .. hes not a very good looking boy although he's not ugly either, but this jealousy brings me so down, I get to the point of crying at random times. I can't sleep of just thinking about it, please help me this problem is killing me.

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by: Anonymous

If everyone were a copy of someone else what a dull world it would be. You do not judge a book by its cover. Yes you may feel other girls are prettier but you also have to take in account personality and ability to relate to other people. There is nothing wrong with you, all you have to do now is to cultivate all your good points and work on them, and take an interest in how you look and come over to other people.

Jealousy is a nasty and corrosive emotion and it is not pleasant coming from someone.
If the feeling worries you, maybe a session with a counsellor would help but all you have to do, is to realise that you are your own unique person.

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