Is this the shortcut to being compassionate?

by Paul
(Wollongong - Australia)

When you feel good, you do good.
It’s the unknown short cut to compassionate care, the untrodden path to helping others, is another way to put it ... and it’s automatic. When you are feeling good, You can’t help but do good for others, that’s the amazing thing.

And you can’t go wrong either. You seem to know exactly how to proceed. And you seem to know the connection to others through feeling good, and it turns out to be the most healing thing you can do. Did you know about this?

You’ll find an intuition for action that never fails, regardless of the way you have been taught to act in a caring situation.

You may be a nurse, a volunteer, or just someone wanting to make the world a better place. You might even be a highly trained professional with credentials coming out of your ears, it won’t matter and it won’t get in the way of your new found compassion.

You might have joined a group that does things a certain way in order to make a difference. But it turns out that their ways of doing things is less than ideal. When you’re generating good feelings, it won’t make any difference.

When you are generating huge dynamo’s of good feelings, you can work under all restrictions, and heal with the greatest of ease.

When you feel good, you do good. It’s the single most overlooked, yet powerful healing thing a person can do for another.


About the Author: Paul Smetana writes about the Simple Secrets of Being Touched by Life, How you can finally take control of your destiny, and the simple reason most people fail.
In Aged Care for 30 years, he has discovered How our most successful Elders Attained “A Life worth Living”. One Brimming with vitality and Joy. And how easily you can too, without waiting any longer.
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Is this the shortcut to being compassionate.
by: Anonymous

It is surprising just how irritated I am getting with a few people of my age, I am a senior citizen, I am finding that they are staying in their own little comfort area and they are happy there. So long as something does not marr their existence, they are complacent.

I am interested and concerned with what is going on in the world.
There are those seniors who are concerned with their families and taking responsibilities for family members who are in strife, who realise what is going on out there.

For instance a health facility was relocated in our town on the 6th floor of a high building with a small lift and steep stairs. A lot of people use it, particularly the elderly with health needs. At a Greypower meeting there was concern about that, but no one gave a thought to mothers trying to get up there with small children.
I had expressed concern that there were children going hungry to school and having to be fed by charities. I said something to a friend and she said that it was the fault of the parents, it did not concern her that their income was inadequate.

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