is he controlling or helping?

by myesha
(jacksonville florida)

Hello I'm 22 year old female with 3 kids each one has different fathers but me and my last child father have been together for 3 years he. Tells me that he's the only one that cares about me he don't want me hanging or or leaving from out of his sight.

I'm in the house all day changing diapers cooking and cleaning. He's very manipulative he goes to his family and tells lies on me. I feel like I have been losing my mind. The only reason he treats me like this is because I don't speak up for myself It feels like i am in prison. I have no social life I don't even leave to see my parents. Everybody that I hang with is not good enough for him or either he will run them away. I have no privacy he's up with me 24 hrs a day. He took my car that I bought and claimed it for himself until he broke it. I didn't even get to drive it one time.

He's 28 he thinks he knows everything and can't nobody tell him nothing. My kids call him daddy so I would feel really bad for leaving him. I pay all of the bills with my daughters said check he calls himself hustler. But the money he get he don't help with bills he'll buy fast food. Weed while I pay 200 dollar bills every, month he always tells Me that nobody cares about me like he does and that my friends just want to get me in the streets and ruin my life. I feel that he treats me like this because he know I cant really do to much with 3 kid.

He never stays home with the kids to give me a break but he is staying in my apartment for free. I've been raped in my past by my grandad and one of my cousins. Its almost like I'm a single parent I hate men I have anger issues from the way that each man has treated me because I know I did not deserve this my first two babies daddy left me and abandoned their kids I had to drop out of school ninth grade. I don't have a job, my life sucks and I'm really depressed and miserable I dont know if staying in this relationship a good thing or bad thing all I know is that I love him so what do u guys think?

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is he controlling or helping.
by: Anonymous

I would say controlling, it is time that you sought some outside help to deal with this if you decide to go.
Unfortunately some men still live in the stone age and are only happy when controlling the women who not only are in their life at the moment but also those in the past.
It takes courage to leave but if he is not supporting you financially that is all you can do.
Once you have taken the first step, the rest will follow. If you go to a church or are in contact with a support group, you will be on the way to help. What about your family, will they help. Explore the options.

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