by Elizabeth

What is intuition? It is actually an inner knowing that all of us have, particularly women. Men do not seem to possess it in any great amount. Perhaps women more than men, as they are the nurturers of children and families.

In earlier times when life was precarious, they had to be aware of danger and to move away from danger when it threatened. People who lived in little villages which were isolated and where they were on the sea shore were likely to suffer invasion by attackers who would come by ship.

As time went on physical dangers became less real and others surfaced.

Villagers became dependent on the Lord of the Manor so to speak and had to appease him so that their livelihood would continue. Women were very dependent on the men in their lives regardless of whether they were supportive of them or not. A woman on her own had a very hard life without family or community support.

Even now our welfare depends on our work, our family and the supportive structures around us.

There are times when we have to make decisions which will affect our lives and the lives of those around us. We may choose to stay with a situation which may suit the people closest to us but yet not in our best interests down the line. It might be a very unhappy marriage, it may be a job that we hate, we do that because we might have to think of the disruption and chaos it will cause.

Unfortunately we do not use intuition as much as we should, when we are dealing with events where we have to make decisions. Advice given by family and other people may not always be right for us although it might be what they would do if they happened to be in our situation.

Looking back, there were times when I should have done what was right for me, but I did not have the understanding to act on my own account. I also lacked confidence to stride out into the unknown and to take a chance. I had been brought up in such a way that I was incapable of going out and doing something that other girls of my own age went and did as a matter of course. I was a loner as a teenager and missed out on social activities that I should have been able to take part in.

Times change and what was considered wrong years ago, is now perfectly safe to go ahead and do, in these times when women have more independence and are capable to managing on their own if they have to.

If you know that you have to take a chance and you feel compelled towards making a dream a reality or you are in circumstances where you may feel trapped and suffocated and you know that sometime or other you have to get out or lose your individuality, it will take some courage to take that plunge.

Instead of trying to teach your children right from wrong in black and white try teaching them to think carefully about what they are going to do, if they get a feeling that something does not sit right, they do not go ahead with it. As they progress into independence, there will be choices open to them where the parents no longer have influences in regard to actions they may take.

For instance if they meet someone and are fascinated by them, if there is some shadow of doubt about that person, they go slowly until they get to know them some more.

So often we may only see something on the surface, and everything is apparently okay, yet there is a niggling doubt, just slow down until you have time to review what it is. It might be that you get a gut feeling about the man or woman that you have just met, that there is more to them than what superficiality shows. They may be devious in some way, down the line they might do you some harm or if it is going to be an employer, they may not be the best person to work for, if you have the choice of another job.

When a crisis such as the sudden loss of a job occurs, panic will ensue and anyone in that situation may look around for something else to do and end up in a worse setup than the one they had to leave. Taking time to review your options and to sort out where you can go and what you can do, is essential.

Go somewhere quiet, settle your mind, have a cup of coffee, talk it out with a sympathetic friend and then wait. That small voice will come up and direct you.

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by: Anonymous

I have learnt to rely on my intuition. The times when I was younger, when I had a thought about a decision to take, or a person I was not sure of, I got it wrong a number of times, and thought 'you ahould have gone along with what you originally thought'. Eventually I started to act on this, and mostly I do get it right, though not always.
It's also about emotional intelligence, if you can weigh up what you know about that person, it helps a lot.
When you meet a new person, often you can get a feeling that you should not trust them,and you dont know why at the time,you find out later why

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