by Elizabeth.

Yesterday I had some trouble with polyanthus which just had up and died for no reason at all and I visited a lady down the road who had a small plant nursery. I bought three plants from her and she happened to mention that when she took some of her plants to a local market, people would only buy those in flower although she had pictures of the flowers beside her non flowering plants she had on display. It did not worry me that the ones I bought were not flowering as I knew at the right time they would.

One of the troubles with our society that people want something instant on tap. Maybe working with computers most of what we access, comes up immediately straightaway when before if we had to go to the library to look something up, read a book, telephone for information or go to a shop, it took considerable time to find out what we wanted. Also if we wrote a letter we had to put a stamp on the envelope, and go out and post it.
Using the old typewriters, if we needed a copy it was the old carbon paper which was messy Now if we want a copy of anything it is a photocopier which does the job in seconds whereas years ago we had to copy out what we wanted by hand or we had to type it.
If you have a credit card you do not have to wait for money in the bank to buy something, you can go out and get it straightaway.
Young people are not prepared to get any sort of a job to get started, they want good wages straightaway although this is not the case at the moment. It is dissatisfaction which tempts young people to steal and shoplift when they see something another young person has and they want the same. They are not willing to go and work to get that same article.
When one has to work or to strive for something worth while, it is worth waiting for.

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