Inspired to Inspire

by Jack Lundee
(New York)

For years now I've been a strong supporter of anything green and progressive, meaning I have a strong passion for nature, sustainability and opportunities that promote forward movement - Always the advocate for a certain 'commitment to action,' but never the one acting.

However, that's all behind me now as I've continued to write about the work and exploits of some wonderful organizations that have been doing their part to change the world. Take the Clinton Global Initiative for instance; with the help of Doug Band, President Clinton has done tremendous things to tackle issues with foreign educational development, poverty, climate change and more. The size and scope of each effort varies. The CGI is collaborative unit of non-profits, business professionals and political members. For example, a non-profit might look to implement an educational program into a foreign country with little to no learning structure. A small company might try to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to geothermal heat. Nevertheless, each member or organization plays a critical role in changing the way we live for the better.

The same can be said for CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative). As a close friend to somebody who has died because of HIV, it's within my power to share with readers the importance of donating and becoming a part of this epidemic, which continues to kill millions each year. CHAI dedicates a multitude of resources including money, human, medications and time. They recently incorporated a brand new medical facility in Kenya, along with technologies that will ultimately detect HIV much quicker in newborns.

But it's not just the political players that have influenced me; even commercial companies like Avon are making big strides, particularly in light of breast cancer awareness. In their 'Avon Walk Around the World for Breast Cancer,' they're making their grassroots activism global in assembling folks around the world to walk for breast cancer. To date, over one million have entered and accumulated more than ten million for this charitable cause. It's truly remarkable what some corporate giants are doing with their profits.

Hopefully the efforts of companies like this, many more will be encouraged to act, particularly in the area of cancer research and awareness. Every year, millions are lost to all types of cancer. I've experienced first-hand what it's like to lose somebody to this terrible disease. It's something you never forget and it affects you in many different ways. With this adversity, there's plenty of opportunity - How it should affect you is demonstrative through your own charitable work and new found obligation to encourage others to do the same.

So whether it's the CGI, CHAI, or anybody walking in the name of cancer, I've found the need to share it with others. Just as the various action areas above have touched these groups, they've moved me just as much. With Shades of Green and Everything Left (my blogs), I've had a chance to talk about these action areas, including our current economy. Christopher Reeve once said "Once you choose hope, anything's possible," and although it's cliché, it's certainly true. The blogosphere, particularly that of personal blogs like, is an excellent gateway to connecting, sharing and influencing. I've hoped to harness this power - There's no telling how inspired writing may affect others and their own personal development.

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Inspired to inspire
by: Anonymous

Greed, selfishness, mismanagement, and ignorance are ruining our planet and is endangering life. We are using poisons which are leaching out into our environment. There is poaching of our wildlife and of our fish.

For a long time there has been imbalances in nature. We have overpopulation which means resources are stretched. Ignorance has contributed to this. Man has got the ability to restrict the birth rate and if the population growth can be slowed down, there will be more for the children who are born.

The time of using fossil fuels is coming to an end. There are other energy sources which could be used but have been suppressed. The methods of obtaining fossil fuels is becoming a lot more dangerous causing the deaths of the people who are engaged in this work.

When will mankind ever learn. There are ways of dealing with disease other than conventional methods which do not always work.

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