Insecurity, Low self esteem and confidence, self conscious and relationship problem

I feel insecure physically and just with my life in general. I didn't grow the way I wanted to be. I am self conscious and I think that makes me have low self esteem and low self confidence.

I feel like my boyfriend is not happy with me. He is not sweet and he doesn't compliment me. He says he loves me. And when I try to break it off because of the reasons I just mentioned, he does not want to. He said it's just that his school is super busy and stressful. We used to be happy, I don't know what happened. I feel like he can just leave me anytime now. Help...

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Insecurity low self esteem, confidence and relationship problem
by: Anonymous

You are not on your own with this, a lot of people feel the same way but you have qualities that you are not aware of at the moment but have to be developed.

You do not need anyone around you who would put you down as this is a means of control, and there are people who feed on this as they may also lack self esteem themselves and doing this to someone makes them feel better.

All I can say, you deserve much better than this and it is time for you to move on and find people who will help and support you in finding yourself and your talents.

Maybe perhaps doing an assertiveness course may help you in standing up for yourself.

Your low self esteem
by: Anonymous

You dont say how old you are,but I'm guessing you are quite young. I agree with Kay, you are suffering from yourself.
Maybe you should be on your own until you have sorted your issues out, and then go forward and have a happy relationship. The trouble with being the way you are is, that you will attract the wrong kind of boy. You will be a magnet for a bully, which in turn will make you feel worse.
Why do you feel like this? Examine - was it something that happened to you from someone else? Or did you just start thinking this way? Did your family treat you badly? Go back to when you started feeling so bad about yourself, your mind is like a computer,it will start behaving on the information you put into it. Imagine it is all just a tape in your head, wipe it, and put all this new positive stuff into it. It works! Whatever your physical appearance, we are all different,and when this new positive you emerges, you will see yourself in a new light. Maybe you are quite attractive after all. You cant be that bad to attract a boy in the first place! Please do a makeover on yourself inside, go back to the beginning, before you waste your life feeling this way. You deserve it!

by: Kay

Much of your problem is caused by the way you think.
You are having a horrible time with your lack of confidence and I know it's not easy to rid yourself of feeling this way. However it is within your power. It's not easy but you have to change your thinking pattern. Start by saying positive thing to yourself about yourself. You won't believe them at first but say them as often as you can and you should start to feel better.

Your subconscious has listened to your self talk over the years and now it believes that you have issues because of this. You can however change what it believes by telling it something positive.

When you feel good about yourself you won't need this confirmation all the time from your boyfriend. He wouldn't be with you if he didn't want to be. Be strong, love yourself, when you can do this you will be happy inside.

Remember your thoughts make your reality and you are in charge of your thoughts. No one can give them to you but you. Choose wisely, choose positive ones!


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