Insecurity and negative thinking

I started hanging out with 3 girls from school that I have never talked to before. One of them was tall and skinny with blonde hair, the other weighed 95 lbs and looked like a stick and the other girl looked exactly like the last.

I always felt a little insecure in my life but after hanging out with them it got to a completely different level. We would go to the pool and they would complain and say they couldn't swim because they were so fat and after a while I started to believe that I was fat too. I started dropping weight and every time I came home my mom would always make a comment about how I was just skin and bones and needed to eat. She would throw money at me and tell me to go to McDonalds.

I also started hanging out with the wrong people and started having a horrible relationship with my parents. Whenever I would come home I would always cry and be really depressed and upset and would do just about anything to get out of the house.

I then started becoming extremely paranoid and weak. I was so embarrassed with myself and felt that everyone was so much better than me and sometimes I felt like I really have nothing to live for. I also always felt very negative towards everything, I never wanted to leave the house I always wanted to stay away from everyone. I didn't want to talk to anyone I was just so upset with myself. I would always try to make myself happy and cheer myself up but I couldn't.

I have been trying for about a month now to make things better again for me, but I can't and I really need some advice to guide me through this.

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. When we are insecure it is because of how we see ourselves, and how we believe we are. You are totally what you think you are, and it is these thoughts that cause your problems.

Every thought you have that you act on and put into an action makes you how you are. When you tell yourself you can't do something, and so make no effort, then you are right, you can't. A very important part of you is the attitude you have toward yourself. A good attitude brings positive results. A negative gives poor results.

You limit yourself and your potential with these negative thoughts. When you repeatedly tell yourself something you believe it. Why? Because your sub conscious cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth and so what it hears often is what it accepts as the truth, even though it's not.

I hope you can see that if you change your self talk and get rid of all the negative thoughts you will slowly but surely change how you are.

Don't dwell on past mistakes or hurts, leave them where they belong, in the past. You can't change them, they have gone and exist only in your mind as a thought, so rid yourself of the negative thoughts about the past.

Become determined to make a better future for yourself by concentrating on thinking good thoughts about yourself. Make all your thoughts about you positive.

You are in charge of your thoughts, nobody can have your thoughts, only you can choose them. This is very powerful if you stop to think about it. You are totally in control of you, of how you feel and how you think.

Use this power to grow and become the way you long to be. You hold the power to believe what I say or discard it and remain as you are.

I hope, because you have asked for advice, that you understand that you can, if you choose, start today to change your life. It wont happen overnight, and you might falter along the way, but when you stay determined, and totally believe in you, as a wonderful worthwhile person, you will make it happen.

I wish you a successful and happy life.


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