insecure, low self esteem, anxiety and very jealous.

by cc

I have no confidence in my self at all. I weigh 140 and I think I'm so fat and ugly. I have the worst hair in the world, it's medium length with straw like curls. Just talking about it makes me sick!! Ii totally hate myself!

I'm so jealous of every woman, I just wish I was someone else. I am married, and this totally drives my husband nuts! We fight constantly. I am always accusing him of looking at other women, and I'm always attacking him with remarks think that girls hot....or you're looking at that woman..I saw you look at her.. i'ts just constant bickering. I don't trust him, and really don't trust anyone.

I'm a total wreck, I give myself a headache. I'm too much to handle :( I wish there was help out there for me. It's getting to the point I don't even want to leave the house!!

I'm always comparing my self to other women! Constantly beating myself up over everything. I buy so much makeup..I try so hard to look better and I have tons of clothes and I'm still NOT happy with anything I buy. I spend hours in the mirror, and when finished I'm totally even worse off than when I started. I don't like this strange person I am, and I've been like this ever since Iwas a teen.

I just want it all to stop and I want to learn how to love myself and enjoy life like a normal human being. Please someone help and give me some advice.

Thank you!

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self esteem problems
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

Every problem you have is caused by the fact that you don't like or love yourself. The reason you don't like yourself is because you are constantly putting yourself down. Your own negative self talk is having a negative result, and so basically you are to blame for how you are.

I apologize if this sounds harsh, but I feel you have reached the point where you need to know the truth. I hope you come to accept that you are your own problem, not because of how big you are, or how horrible you think your hair is, but because you keep telling yourself over and over all this negative untrue information.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This will be when you accept that you cause your own problems, and decide that you really do want to change.

How can you do this? Start by working on the inner you. Unless you do this, no amount of new clothing or dieting is going to make you feel good. You have to feel good about yourself inside and you don't. You have to love yourself.

Every time you look in a mirror, don't criticize yourself, look at your face and say "I love you (name). Get rid of any negative thoughts that spring to mind and let yourself know how worthwhile you are, because you are worthwhile, but somewhere along your life you have lost track of this with your negative self talk.

When we have negative self talk we draw negative energy around us and within us, and you can see the awful result of negativity cant you?

You hold the power to change, and I truly mean this. Maybe to help you while you are working on loving yourself you can get a decent hair style and perhaps join a gym.

Exercise along with eating healthy food will help you to slim. I haven't said diet, but eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and eating lots of fruit and vegetables and no cakes or chocolates will help you.

Walking is good, and I know that walking up and down steps is a fantastic way to lose weight. I lost over 28lbs purely by walking up and down stairs! If you have them in your home, start doing them now!

The essential thing is that you totally concentrate on staying positive, and work on your self talk. No more negative stuff about you, or to your husband about looking at the other females. This is hurting you, and is a pointless waste of your energy.

Only you can do this. The choice is yours as to how you are, and unless you get rid of your negative self talk things will not change for you, but may well get a lot worse.

Please start today with only positive thoughts about yourself. Know that inside you there is a caring, loving, strong, worthwhile woman, and become determined to set her free.

I wish you good luck and hope that you can do this.


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