insecure co-workers

by Mariz
(Winnipeg Mnitoba)

This is my very first time to share my problem online. Good thing as I am surfing,I caught on this site.

Here it goes, I have a very close friend here in my workplace and he's a married guy. We became closer as time passed by, our closeness was given a bad thought from the people around us. Until such time that he went out of the workplace. Many thought that he was my boyfriend, but actually he's not, he's just a very good friend, nothing less, nothing more.

I thought it ended as he went to another country for work, we don't have any communication at all but just today, I've heard from a friend that my house mate keeps on saying that its still a big question mark with her that I and my friend has a relationship. She strongly believed that we had a relationship, I want to confront her. What shall I do? I really don't know what to do.

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Insecure co-workers
by: Kay

Your friend is no longer in your life, why bother to say anything to your house mate. It's none of her business or the business of your co-workers. Confronting this person will just stir up trouble and disrupt your life. It's not worth it. Keep the peace.

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