i'm terrible shy towards women. i'm 52 and never a girlfriend or relationship . i'm still a virgin .


My is Robert I'm 52 and single and still a virgin. I've never had a girlfriend or relationship in my life. I find it hard approaching women always have done, I'm terrified of approaching women because I think something horrible is going to happen to me.

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by: Anonymous

Instead of worrying about approaching a woman, and how it might end, Stop There!

Go and look for some new friends,- people- and if Women are among them,fine! Become friends with them, and dont even think about anything else. You need the quality of a good friendship first, and then, if its solid, everything else will naturally fall into place.

It's about your mindset, how you look at things. If the worrying is not present,you will be more relaxed, and the lady will want to know you, the person, and not this man who is behaving strangely, and looks so nervous!
Good luck?

Embrace you sexuality
by: Anonymous

Embracing life is reclaiming the paradise you have lost in your distant past. Pook is absolutely right, but as always it's hard to tell a blind how it is like to see the light.

SlyDJ says:
Many people have said that if you're going to embrace your sexuality, then you're going to be seen as a pervert.

There is a difference in embracing YOUR sexuality and acting like being sexual, maybe plagiarizing something you've seen in movies, porn or media. The second type always comes on as creepy and pervert-ish. It's because denying your sexuality is not about behaviour, it's about thinking. It's about denying your own thoughts and associated feelings.
Embracing your sexuality is essential for being alive. Your sexuality is a part of you. How can you live life to the fullest when you deny yourself? Without it, you are a vampire, a zombie residing in a world faded to grey. You see the dance of life, but for some unknown reason you do not allow yourself to participate. Sometimes you even cry. At times when the paradise is within your grasp, yet you still can't reach it.
Personally, I left that twillight by honoring my dad and forgiving myself. I believe that male energy (equals our sexuality) comes from the line of your male ancestors.
You are the only person you can forgive. No one else, except your children, since they are a part of you.

Pook, thanks for your insightful post and I wish you have a fine lady by your side tonight

I have to embrace my masculinity (testoterone)
by: Anonymous

It is perfectly normal to see a beautiful woman, want to have sex with her and feel comfortable within my own skin, zero guilt, zero shame.

Only when i embrace my sexuality and I am certain that i can rock her world in bed my body language and demeanor changes which sparks women attraction or in other words 'awaken the female sexual animal'

visit the web:

How to pick up women


The dj bible

David D'Angelo DVD's
-power sexuality
-sexual communication-
-on being a man-
-deep inner game-

this will not make you a good pick up artist only but will change your life in all areas, it is unbelievable

good luck

terrible shy towards women.
by: Anonymous

Look not all of us get into relationships with the opposite sex, there are more people like that than you realise. I have never bothered with men and certainly did not want any relationship with any of them, although I found them very approachable if I had a problem which needed sorted out.

You do not have to worry about women, maybe you work with them or your daily life makes you come into contact with them.

A lot of people are quite happy on their own and there is one thing about it, you are free to do what you like and you do not have to consider anyone else when planning a holiday or going to some activity you want to take part in.
There are compensations.

Shy with women
by: Kay

Hello Robert I am uncertain from your message whether you are happy in your life apart from never having had a relationship with a woman, and if this is the case there is no reason for you to be upset.

Some people are happy in their own company and have no desire to be intimate with someone, and this is fine, there is no shame in being on your own.
Many people in relationships would love to be single, and perhaps envy your lifestyle.

If on the other hand you have always wanted a relationship I am wondering why you have this fear. Most women are kind thoughtful and loving, but unless you at least approach one and start a conversation you will never know if this is so.

Don't look on all women you come into contact with as a potential partner, look on them as a friend, and once you have a friendship then maybe, when the time is right, take it to the next level, holding hands, or a kiss , on the cheek if you don't feel confident about anything else.

Communication is the key, let the lady know how shy you are and I am sure you wont be laughed at but helped to have your feelings put at ease.
However, you will never know unless you take the first step towards a friendship.

Friendship has to be given before it can be received and so if you desire a relationship I urge you to lay your fears to one side, be brave, and say hello, my name is Robert and continue on to ask questions about the person you are speaking to. Ask about hobbies, interests, favourite actor, movie, singer, do they go dancing, belong to a gym, anything you can think of to draw them out and in doing this you will have more things to speak about as they reply.

No need to tell them you have never been in a relationship, at least not until you actually want one, and then only if it feels right to tell her.

The main this is that you are responsible for what you have chosen to believe and you can change these beliefs by changing the thoughts you have. Start by telling yourself that you are confident around women. Stop the negative thoughts about being terribly shy because what you focus on becomes your truth.

I wish you luck and want to let you know that not all women bite!


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