Im stressed about university

This is my first year of university, and exams are coming up next week. I have studied hard for the midterms and quizzes that I've had, but my mark has always been around 70-75%. I'm scared and stressed out.

I want to become a doctor, and every time I try to study I get very distracted. I just keep thinking "What if I don't do good? What if I don't get the marks to get into med school?" I can't sleep at night, my mood is off, and I have problems focusing on studying.

I'm scared my marks are not going to be good enough. My math mark is struggling, even though I try really hard.

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University is a whole new life.
by: Anonymous

University is a whole new life and takes getting used to, it is hard work and so much has to be done on your own. You do not have regular hours that you had at school or a structured framework. You have to make your own and there is so much that you have to cover in a very short time and even taking notes of lectures is hard work as you have to go over it all afterward and write up what you have been learning and it is so easy to miss bits and pieces.

There are counsellors and you should make use of them, they are there to assist people who are facing problems with adjustment. Just give yourself some time and it will all fall into place and one day you will look back and think gosh I really thought that I would never get through it all and I have. You also have tutors and you can ask them for help if you do not understand something.

Stressful thoughts
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Visualising is a very powerful and useful mind tool. Instead of constantly wondering whether or not you are going to become a doctor, start focusing on what a great doctor you will be, how good your grades will be because you are determined to succeed.

In your mind's eye see yourself as already being the doctor you will be one day. Visualise yourself as very knowledgeable and allow this excellent doctor in your mind's eye to speak to you. Let him tell you how well you are doing, how proud he is of you.

Make him the wise one, the one who is always there for you, and who will enable you to be calm because of his faith and trust in you. See him standing beside you as you sit the exams, and feel his calmness and strength wash through you, and believe that you are about to pass the exam because you have the ability.

Know in your heart that one day this will be how you are.

Good luck.


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