I'm not good enough

by Jessica

Well anyway I'm 12 almost 13 and I'm actually crying as I write this because I know everything I'm going to tell is true and what I really think and feel about myself. I feel (i know) I will never be be good enough to be popular everyone in my school is "labeled" and I guess I'm labeled as "just the regular kid" I'm really shy and hate speaking in front of the class and what makes me even more sad is my friend she was home schooled and she came to public school and the first day she got here 2 guys already liked her and she went out with one of the the first day of school (and broke up with him the next day) and now she's popular and I have been trying to be popular and get at least someone to like me for 3 years..

I'm shy to talk too guys in groups because I know I am and never will be good enough for them anyway and people say I'm nice and pretty but even some of my friends talk behind my back and stuff.. and just feel like a nobody like hardly anyone even knows my name all the popular people ignore me just like I'm a piece of dust.

Also none of my friends are in my classes so it's just even worse.. how come I'm not good enough?!? No guy is gonna ever want me for prom or homecoming :( I'm so helpless and sad. Even my teachers don't hardly even know I'm there.. I've thought about suicide but I would NEVER actually would do it but if I did I bet nobody but my family would notice anyway.

I know people are just gonna say stuff like "it seems like you don't like yourself" and all that crap and I don't really like myself so tell me something I don't already know like some advice on helping myself and stuff please..

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same here
by: Anonymous

the same thing is going on right now with me but im 13 and im really shy.all the cool kids dont like me because i made a few mistakes in elementary school lol. a lot of people just dont talk to me and pretend im not there. my friends were in none of my classes last year. this one boy tried flirting with me but then his friend made fun of him and he fell quiet. this other boy tried to talk to me and then he told me that im socially awkward -_- i can never win but this year i hope it will be better im going to try to step out of my comfort zone because i cant go on like this .-.

same position :(
by: mileyy from england

You basically have the same problem as me. I'm finding it really hard to cope :( I Feel sorry for you I even feel like I'm hopeless to you, sorry if you think that :(

Everyone is good enough
by: Amanda S.

You are not being ignored if people talk about you. You are being noticed, EVERYONE gets talked about whether its good or bad.
I noticed you're writing, because you wrote it. So don't be afraid to speak to those classmates you don't know, if you say something they will hear you and respond. Plus they will except you for who you are (shy, quiet, weird, whatever). Embarrassing moments PASS, so continue to be your unique-self and stop living in fear. You are allowed to say and do the wrong things, they are called mistakes. You will live through it and have the chance to try again.

I am not good enough.
by: Anonymous

I have been through this when I was about your age, I found it hard to make friends and to be sociable, a lot of young people go through this, it is when you get older, you see your options. If someone has made you feel bad about yourself, just move on and find someone who helps you to feel good. There is sure to be someone in your family or family friends who can encourage you.
You have talents and some things you will be good at, develop those. Some people are able to go out and engage with other people very easily, other people find this hard but you will find the group of people you will feel at home with, it is finding them.
When you are older and more confident, life will open out and you will live your dreams.

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