im fat and feel gross & think nobody wants me

by Cindy
(New york)

I had a child over 2 years ago I weighed 145 after pregnancy I was 185 now I'm 165 I tried everything and nothing works my height is 5'5. I have very slow metabolism I go to the gym eat right and only lose like 1 pound or 2 a month.

Everyone keep telling me I should lose at least 20 more lbs. Sometimes I cry every time I look at myself in the mirror I feel so huge and get depressed. I feel so uncomfortable with my weight I don't think my husband would want me like this I need help please.

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Unwanted and overweight
by: Kay

Don't give up with the exercise and the correct diet. Losing weight is not so much going on a diet, but eating sensibly and eating lots of vegetables and fruit. Give up on the fatty foods, pies, sausage rolls etc, they do the damage!

Losing weight doesn't happen in a few weeks, it takes months, mine took over a year before I could look in the mirror and be happy with what I saw so don't say its not working when you haven't allowed your body time enough to work its magic. Slow and easy wins the race.

Don't give up on yourself. Pay no attention to what others tell you, it's what you think and how you feel that counts. Your self talk is important, so think lots of 'I can do this' thoughts, stay positive and you will start to feel good about yourself.


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