I'm depressed , I need your help .

by extraterrestrial

I'm 18 years old , I started to feel alone and depressed before 2 years with no reason . It's just when I think about my life and it's useless I prefer to die.

I even started to be an abnormal person, don't like seeing people happy. I live with my mom, but you can say I'm alone because I can't see her only when she comes back from her work at night.

I'm new in my school, the people here are not my type and I'm also a foreigner. I feel happy when I cry, sometimes I cry without any reason.
I don't know how I can go on and live this horrible life, I feel everything is hopeless, I can't tell my mom or anyone.

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You feel alone
by: Anonymous

Hi, I do understand your situation. I dont know how long you have lived in your area.

Obviously your Mum is going out to work to keep you both, is evening work the only work she can get? Have you spoken to her about this?
You are also just Eighteen ( I say just,because you have your whole life ahead), Darling, no situation stays the same. It can't, can it?
You dont mention having a Dad around, that's not helping either is it? Your Mum is doing her best to keep it all together, I'll bet. At school, When you're new, its not easy, everyone has their friends, and you feel you stick out like a sore thumb! It will get better,when you find a friend that likes the same things as you.

As for being a foreigner, surely no matter what someones origin, we are all the same underneath. And NOBODY is better than anyone else. If you can learn to be happy inside yourself, then everything outside that happens can't touch you. This situation WILL move on , I suspect, to happier times, The pendulum goes down,then swings back up again,hold this thought!!

I do wish you luck,and hang on to positive thoughts, and this time will pass x

I am depressed I need your help
by: Anonymous

If you are a stranger in your area, is there anyone to whom you could go to, to talk to about the way you feel. Someone to whom you are able to relate and who will understand your way of life.
People do go through feelings of not belonging or knowing who they are and that is what you have to find out.
If you go to your doctor, he or she may be able to direct you to some help but just remember that you are a person in your own right and that you have talents and abilities that you have to find out about.
I think most of us go through periods of doubt and confusion, this is common more common than you think and there will be others out there who later on may need your friendship.

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