I'm 29 years old Christian and I hate living with my mother. I hate my life

by c
(Oak Park,IL)

Most of my life has been a series of hardships and heartbreaks. I try to be a decent person, I work really hard in school and work. I don't get any reward. I can't even get a break. My family is falling apart and the men in my family are unreliable which leaves my 56 year old mother to be very dependent on me. She sends me to the store, mall, etc. and she won't even do some of these things herself. Even though I help out, she makes me feel like I don't do enough and it goes for education and more.

I never experienced life because so much has happened to me (going to college homeless, depression, death in the family). In college, I dreamed of being a working artist, traveling and making money doing what I love. Now most of the time, I am exhausted from the stress of school, family and survival. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. Please help me.

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hey there
by: Anonymous

I'm the exact same age and living at home. It definitely a confidence destroyer. Are you a guy or girl? I've had my hardship after I got injured the summer after high school playing baseball therefore losing my scholarship and the girl I had planned to marry.

The last 10 years have been basically junk. a junky degree I should have gotten 9 years ago with police record that makes it pointless (at least for now). Drugs have ravaged a lot of my life and cause all of the mistakes. Today I'm thinking somewhat different.

I've picked a starting point. Getting healthy first. If you're on any addicting meds, I'd say get off them and just work out. Seeing exercise results is a great feeling. Also start saving money. It doesn't matter the job, once you start seeing that $$$ pile up in that account, you can see some hope. Then, make a plan to get out if you need to. That's the direction I'm going. I have some debt and some hurdles some cross, but the stupid cliche "today is the first day of the rest of your life" holds true.

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