im 27 old male , and i m lost and have leak of self esteem

by siko

I was lost choosing what I want in the university and I wasn't committed to anything of the majors, so i decided to drop out. Even in my working life I keep changing jobs, and I'm beginning every time from zero.. and now it's like I cant stand work. I go to the interviews and I can get the job easily, but when I enter the job, I can always find something that doesn't suit me and tell them I don't want the job anymore and run away.. I don't know what I want, and even the relationships are not working any more and I have no friends or a girl I love. I think it's all of my fault, I had everything and ruined my life.. There's a lot more, and the good thing is that parents are still helping me, and have some support of them.. At the same time they are desperate and they are also lost how to act with me or how to help, sometimes I blame my parents also on everything I'm going through, but I think the major problem is me .. I went to psychiatrist and he told me I have a personality problem, I think he's right. When I was young I was the best in class the best soccer player, and now I cant even run or do anything .. what's wrong with me? Can someone help ?

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Get to a Psychiatrist NOW!!!!
by: Karthik

The problem you have told is not your fault. Its due to 50% of the genes and 50% of upbringing. People like you are suffering from Chemical imbalance in the Brain. You can't help or deal with it all by your own. Go to a Psychiatrist and take some medicine, a good medicine from a good Psychiatrist can change you tremendously.

After this you can truly understand what others are trying to tell you about improvement. This will change your life, Trust me I was like you. Remember don't go to a psychologist, but a Psychiatrist.

lack of self esteem
by: Anonymous

If you click on to other peoples stories you will realise that you are not on your own. One day you will find what you want, you have to explore your talents. All of us have some. Do you know that you have certain talents but you feel that they may have no place in your life.

If you take a look, you will find a lot of people out there just as lost and lonely as you. If you know another person who feel as you do, join forces with them and work something out. Maybe helping someone will help you.
It does not matter what conditioning you had from your family, you can change things yourself. When you were born your parents had their own journey of learning to do, maybe they did make mistakes and there were times when they just did not understand when something was getting at you. But they are they and you are you.

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