im 17 years old with low self esteem

I'm 17 years old.. I have a boyfriend who I love.. We've been going out for over a year now and he makes me feel like the best girl in the world.. My problem is my self esteem is not very good.. and on top I'm getting braces.. I'm gonna go through my senior year (something I've been waiting for a long time) & and when I found out I needed them I freaked out.. Unfortunately I do care what other people think and the only reason why I feel a little pretty is because of what other guys or my boyfriend tell me.. I know with braces I'm going to look different.. I'm scared of what my boyfriend might think..and his whole scenario of his "perfect girlfriend" will go down...

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17 with low esteem
by: Anonymous

The braces are an end in sight if it means your teeth are going to look better. Very few people get through life without feeling a bit low at times and doubting whether they are acceptable to other people or not.
If someone thinks a lot of you, they will not put you down, anyone who criticises and cannot take you as you are, are not worth very much. They are not worth bothering with.
As you grow older and start to mature, you will sort the chaff from the wheat and know who your real friends are.
There are times when we suffer rejection from people we would like to be friends with but there are always others who come along and unconditionally give you friend and companionship and who make you feel good.

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