i use to know me , but now i don't

by christina
(west columbia sc lexington)

I miss who I used to be. I was a smart woman who took good care of herself I don't know what happened. ok, here is where my story begins. before I met my husband I was working at a daycare center, I was 20, I was happier than I have ever been in my life.

It was mid February that met my husband at a friends party. I was still happy because I still had all my friends. Then more and more each day I would hangout with my husband and slowly I felt my friends slipping away. I didn't go to clubs with my friends, I was missing out in everything. 3 yrs later I had 2 baby girls and I love them, but now I'm a house wife with no job and every time I want to buy my kids something I get sad. I have lost my way, how do I get back to her?

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I used to know me
by: Anonymous

You can get to know yourself again if you take a look at your life. You put everything and everyone on hold when you met your husband, which is what a lot of people do when you are in the throes of first love.

Your life has now changed with marriage and two young children but even if you cannot meet up with your old friends, you can still make new ones. If your children attend a playgroup there will be other mothers there who feel the same way you do.
If you have interests that you want to follow up, now is the time to do this. There is a life out there if you want to reach out and find it without upsetting your home. It is so easy to get that feeling of being trapped. Later on a part time job may come up.

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