I think i'm ugly and fat but other people don't


Maybe they say it just to be nice but i'm 5'4" and weight 170, come on, I dont believe in myself that bad that I can't even stay on a diet!

I have such a problem I'm too low esteemed to even work. I'm not lazy, I'll do anything, but the though of rejection at the interview or having other people laugh and talk about my appearance really scares me.

I wont even go out to much with my boyfriend. Everywhere he goes I assume he's looking at someone better than me, or I think about what people could be saying, things like "Oh look at her with him! Is he crazy!?

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Self limiting thoughts
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The problem you have is that you don't like yourself. I feel your self talk is the cause of your problems. Can you change the thoughts you have about yourself? Can you begin by loving the person you are? You speak negatively to yourself so often that you believe all these horrible things.

You are controlling your life based on what you believe other people think of you. How can you possibly know what other people have going on in their mind. Why won't they like you? They do like you, but you refuse to accept this because you don't like you, and so you feel others wont.

Change your thought pattern and you will change your life. It wont be easy, but it will be worth your while and enable you to be happy with who you are. Each morning when you first look in a mirror say hi to yourself and tell yourself what a beautiful worthwhile person you are. No doubt you don't like this idea and may not even try it, but it will be a start to liking yourself, so please give it a go.

Throughout the rest of your day have loving thoughts about you. Say affirmations such as "I am a wonderful person" "Everyone loves me" "I am so happy and love my life", say every nice thing about yourself you can think of. Say them over and over again because you have heard so many negative thoughts from yourself that you now believe them all.

You subconscious has believed everything you have thought because it can't tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Now it is up to you to re-programme your mindset to become how you want to by constantly saying positive things about yourself (even if at first you don't believe them, because the more often you hear good stuff the sooner you will believe it).

The choice is now totally up to you, to stay as you are or work on the inner you until you blossom into the person you long to be.

Good luck, with determination you will do it.


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