I shouldn't.. but I am

by Steph
(indianapolis, IN)

I'm a 29 year old woman... on paper my life should be nothing to complain about. I have a good steady job.. a big family that loves me.. 2 dogs that make my house feel full. But all of the time I feel so sad. I was supposed to be married by now (engaged and broke up) and I'm back to not believing in love or trust or commitment. It seems any guy I meet is only interested in getting laid.. and whether or not you comply, they don't call you.. I used to play the game.. I'd toss them aside like garbage.. but now I'm older I just don't have the same mind-set.

Anybody I meet through friends makes me just one of the guys to another guy.. I feel unwanted.. like a huge loser.. I know I'm a good person and attractive.. but I can't make myself feel that way! I need to feel validated as a person and a woman but anything I do doesn't seem to do that.. living life with no regrets has seemed to give me plenty.

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Get to knpw yourself
by: Anonymous

Hi, I know,how you feel, you are getting older and think time is running out meeting the right person.
This might seem the reverse, but have you spent any time getting to know yourself, and being
(for a short time) on your own?
You get to know yourself, decide what you want, who you are,and what kind of man you would settle down with, Once you know that, carry on with your life, and don't settle for anyone less than what you want. Become confident and happy with yourself , ( you dont have to be in a couple), and you should attract the kind of man that deserves you. Dont fret, because every pot has a lid that fits!

I shouldn't but I am.
by: Anonymous

There is something that you must remember that no one is worthless and all are worthy of trust and love. You have been disappointed in the men that you have encountered but you are better off without them. These men are also the losers as a lot of them are not capable of loving anyone.

Let time go by and try some new interests to get you out and about. If you stop trying so hard in the end you may meet the right people who will treat you with respect.

Take a look at yourself and note down all that you are good at including any hobbies or talents that you have and try going to places where you will meet like minded people.

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