I need ideas of how to gain money (I'm 12)

by Kelly
(London Ontario)

Hi, my name is Kelly, and i have never seen the ocean, better yet, I never went to any other country or province. My mom keeps telling me that my childhood isn't going to be THAT bad, but even she knows that isn't true. But that isn't it, My cousin and his family are on the rich side. They are those kind of people that only care about themselves and nobody else. They're SO rich that they get to see some Earth's most beautiful places; Bora Bora, Tibet, Mexico, Fiji, Hawaii, Africa, Marquesas Islands ect. And they never even bother to bring me or my family, who of course has to be the poor side. My life is TERRIBLE.

Kids at school even laugh at me that I have never been anywhere before. They say that I should live in a box in a box in downtown begging for money, that I don't deserve to be at school like the rest of them. They even call me a hobo or a homeless bitch, and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. I really need suggestions of how I can gain money for my mom so she can maybe buy us tickets to a plane. I'm complaining about my problem at this age because I'm worried that I'm never going to have any good child memories. Please help me :'(

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i need ideas of how to gain money
by: Anonymous

You do not need to take any notice of bullies which is what they are, if you are getting any problems, have you told your parents or gone to a school counsellor. There are probably a lot of things that they do not have either and some bullies feel bad about themselves so they pick on someone else who is vulnerable.
You wrote a good letter for a 12 year old and you have the ability to think things through.
If they start taunting, just walk away and keep with the friends that you have.
Unfortunately a lot of children do not know any better and perhaps they have never had any training in showing consideration at home.
Bullies thrive on fear, it might be a good idea if you got some defence training.

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