i need a purpose and life of my own!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im an army wife and i just turned 40 yr ! i have no living family and i have no career. i feel very dependant on my husband and his job. I'm also having the clock tick for having a baby asap before its too late.

My biggest issue is i feel so lost and no sense of direction on where or what i should be doing with my life. My education is high school and life experience. lol I have been through every life crisis you can think of. I'm feeling very lost and no more fire in my belly.

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purpose and life of my own.
by: Anonymous

People do come to a time when they want change and it is a good idea to go out there and see what is on offer, we get in a little comfort zone and it is hard to move out of it. Is your husband supportive? That does make a difference, some men are also stuck in their little groove and do not want the people around them to change.
Take a look and note down all your abilities I am sure that you have them and also what you would be interested to doing in the future. You had childhood dreams, look at them. A time in your life has been that you fell in love and dropped a lot of what you were going to do, to join up with that other person in your life. You may have also left a lot of former friends behind as well. What about the other army wives, there must be others of them who would like to do something different or someone who already has. Talk to other people and ask them what they would also like to do as well, in that way you get feedback and can go on from there. Maybe you can get someone else to realise some dream of theirs.

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