I literally cant talk to people anymore.

by Jo

My low confidence is becoming so impossible to even go to shops and buy things, I actually have to get my friends to top up my phone and buy food for me because I'm too scared to talk to the assistance. I cant talk to anyone I haven't known for years. I don't even know why I find it hard, my head just tells me to stay quiet and avoid eye contact.

I use music to block out new people not because I'm arrogant or anything (which is how I feel other people might see me :/) but because I panic too much about talking. I cant even ask teachers to help if I don't understand something.
Recently I've come out as Bi as well which lowered my confidence even more. I know low confidence isn't a major issue or anything but mine has gotten to the point where I start to wonder if there is something mentally wrong with me because its gone to ridiculous points and I even find it difficult to talk to my parents anymore.

I stay in my room with my music and rarely go out with my friends as their all very social and meet new people a lot. Also I hate my appearance which I know is a very typical teenager thing to say but it's really true and my friends are all very skinny and into fashion which means they can flaunt it as well where as I cover up as much as possible and wont wear anything that reveals my stomach (I'm quite large.)

I just don't know what to do anymore :/ Do I have a medical condition or something? Because no-one I know has these problems and I get so frustrated that I cant do anything without having huge amounts of doubt and being forced by others to do it- which normally, still doesn't work :(

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It's okay to feel that way.
by: Anonymous

This is exactly how I feel. I completely freak out if I have to talk to people. Walking with my head down feels normal to me now because I have being doing it for so long. I still haven't found my confidence but sometimes it helps to just think the people you are afraid of talking to are just like you.

I really don't think there is anything wrong with you but a lack of confidence is really hard to deal with. I feel this way too and its okay to be shy but really we should just put ourselves out there. I know that thought will terrify you( it terrifies me )but you need to do it. Every time you feel you can't talk to someone just put yourself in their shoes and think that it must be difficult for them to to talk especially if its someone new. It's going to take a while but you can do it.

If you were brave enough to tell people on the internet about your shyness then you really are brave enough to talk to people. I know it's easy to say that but its true and if you need more confidence all you need to do is talk to your friends because they are a great help if you are feeling low and unsure about yourself. And no I don't think you have a mental problem and you will find that your issue about talking to people will improve as you get older and get a better life perspective.

cannot talk to people.
by: Anonymous

You have lost confidence and you could also be agraphobic as well. Have you sought some professional assistance? This is essential. You are not mad, you are just faced with a situation where you feel vulnerable. Sometimes an upset is just enough to tip you over, has something happened just lately, some traumatic event.
If you have good friends, get their help and try going out for a short period, if you have someone with you, it will be support. Even if it at some quiet part of the day when not too many people around. Avoid places at the moment where there are too many people. This may help if you take it slowly and quietly.
There is no reason why this should go on, you are as capable as anyone else. Take each moment, each day, each month, each year one at a time. You will soon feel better. It does not matter how you look even if you feel you are large, it is what is inside that matters not what is outside.

by: Anonymous

Jo.. I love you,
You're not large and you know that, you're amazing and when we meet you're insane and happy :)
Jo, I'm here for you <333

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