I just don't get it!

by Paul Smetana
(Wollongong - Australia)

I just don’t get it!

When I’m in my feel good mood, there’s no better place to be, and my life is better in so many ways. But oddly enough when I’m unhappy, I annoyingly resist changing to the good mood. It’s like I’m almost happy to be unhappy. And that refusal to shift, I just don’t get!

It’s true that there are countless explanations for this. For instance, the Course in Miracles talks about two separate Minds.

The first is called the Ego mind, and like our usual understanding , the Ego operates from fear and ignorance, and puffs us up with bravado and pride.

Then there is the Mind of the holy spirit. This is not the religious idea that you might possibly have jumped to, but a much larger concept, like where our minds are shared with a much larger mind, kind of like the idea of The collective unconscious, except that this collective is conscious.

Now putting it together; feeling good is symptomatic of being in the conscious collective mind, and feeling bad is part of being in the Ego mind.

Each mind state thinks it lives in the real world. Each of the two feelings (happy/unhappy), proves which truth we live in. And each mind is resistant to leaving the real world, to go and inhabit a false one.

Look I hope this all makes sense to you,and I apologise if it doesn't, (I tried). Frustratingly even though it makes sense to me, I still struggle with the resistance to be in a good mood, and I still don't know why. One of the mysteries of life, I suppose. Don't you just hate that?

Anyway, later that night my wife thought the resistance may be due to Power, and it did seem sort of right, although something was still missing.

In the shower this morning, I thought of a Buddhist friend who in my imagination, would say the struggle is because of attachment. A lovely idea, But attached to what? And then I got it, ... Attachment to benefit!

So what possible benefit is there in being unhappy? Being unhappy, very strangely, gives access to feeling secure.

Usually when unhappy, we go into ourselves. It’s like hiding out in a cave. It’s somehow safe there, comforted by the very narrow focus of attention on our unhappiness, like a mantra.

It’s hard to leave this warm, seemingly safe but slightly damp cave. But I’ll tell you that security is better found in happiness.

Happiness allows a release from that self obsessed self focus, and lets the world in, and it feels save to embrace the world in this way. It really does!

Yet mysteriously, the resistance to shift from unhappy to happy remains. Maybe it gets easier over time. We’ll just have to wait and see! I’m happy about that!

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I just don't get it
by: Anonymous

There would be something wrong if we felt the same all the time. Life would get rather boring. Everyone goes through periods of feeling good and then feeling things have gone wrong.
We can all do something to make us feel better even if we have to tackle a job that we have put off or else work out what to do with a computer program.

Mastering or getting a job done such as clearing out rubbish or going for a run can make you feel very much better. You do not have to go out and get drunk and unfortunately that is what some people do.
Even searching for some information on the net, or reading up something of interest.
You might feel bad one day but there is no reason that you are going to feel the same when you get up the next day.

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