i have trauma issues

by matthew

I THINK I HAVE PARANOIA???? I am currently 15 years old and when I was twelve I had an accident with a bus that caused me to have an amputation (half of my foot). Before the accident I was a normal kid, I liked to make friends and have a very social life and I always liked attention.

Ever since the accident I have liked to be more anti-social almost because I think that people won't like me or will have bad intentions toward me. I think it might be paranoia I already have PTSD I figured the two could be linked.

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I have trauma issues
by: Anonymous

Hi Matthew, even if you have lost part of your foot in an accident, you are still the same person and you can still do anything that you want to. Who knows in the future that you may have a new foot if medical science develops even further.
In the meantime you have to get on with your life and hang out with your friends. You have your eyesight, your hearing and you can still get around and lead a normal life. You still have to do your schoolwork and plan what you want to do in the future when you leave school. Good luck

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