I have no hope left.....I don't believe things will get better

by Christine

I use to be a half glass full girl and through a life of chaos and therapy, I became one with myself and was happy to be alive. Now after two years of shear struggle and bad news after bad news, I can't even enjoy any type of good news.

I already take anti depressants, I wake up sad and cry all day. I miss me and my glass being half full, I miss enjoying the little triumphs of life. I am empty and scared and alone and have lost everything, my great credit standing, my dignity and again most of all my hope for a better day. Any words will help me to believe again. I can't even afford to buy food and I had plenty of everything that I worked for, my utilities are about to be shut off and I am facing eviction.

I have a property in Maine that I am about to lose, how can I over come this when I can't even get out of bed in the morning. A triumphant day to me is taking a shower. Please, anything anyone can say, please say it to me. Give me steps to follow, a chant I can use.

Help me believe I would not be better off another way. I toy with suicidal thoughts now and can feel these thoughts progressing. It's all about money and not having enough to survive. I am not looking for money, just hope, just hope and to be able to believe that it does get better.

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by: Anonymous

I am so sad to hear the way that you feel. But I can tell you that is everlasting hope in Jesus. If you feel as if you have no hope it is because you are trying to handle things on your own and by yourself.

Fall down on your knees, ask God to forgive you of any sins and then ask Jesus to come into your heart and to fill you with His Precious Holy Spirit. Watch your life change!

A matter of perception
by: Anonymous

All I can say is it is ALWAYS a matter of perception. Your worldview can easily be sculpted (if you let it) by the media, by hearsay, or by what people tell you is possible. People often parrot the mantra "it will get better if you believe it will get better", or "you get what you believe", or "belief is reality", etc. All basically variants on the so called "law of attraction".

But how are we to change our beliefs? Herein lies the million-dollar question. How are we to change our beliefs down to the core that will allow us to sculpt the life we desire and deserve?. The crisis we face in our individual lives and as a planet is essentially a crisis of perception. We may not know the answers at the moment, but at least we are closer to knowing the right questions to ask. One of these is how can we effectively change our perception of the world... Once we've found the answer to that, our individual and collective futures will be much more malleable and mutable by our intentions.

My advice is to look deeply into this philosophy and to see how you can apply it to your own life. My gut feeling about this is that intention and belief really can be potent tools for transformation of anything, including the course of one's own life.

How can u say this?
by: Anonymous

HOW can you Christians, give someone who is clearly in need of professional help, more FALSE hope? HOW HOW HOW can you put Jesus on as a solution?! There is no such thing as Jesus, and the world KNOWS by now that its a false religion! Just look at the things you Christians did to other people through the ages! You have 22 000 different denominations of your religion and everyone is CONVINCED their way is the correct way! Is your "holy spirit" a spirit of diversity? I thought there is ONE word and ONE truth? And look how your religion evolved and changed over the centuries. You keep changing it to suit you! Your bible advocates slavery and sexist and racial discrimination, even going as far as giving instructions how to BEAT YOUR SLAVE!!! It advocated the murder of babies and teenagers! HOW CAN YOU NOW HOLD THIS JESUS CHARACTER UP as a solution to someone's problem? Its false, its disgusting and its a scam! She should be seeking professional help! Jesus is NOT that and does not solve anything but only gives false hope!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I am not one to write on blogs but found myself searching for hope today as well. Suicide isn't the answer but I am not sure what is. You want temporary relieve but that is permanent.

I believe in Jesus myself and that is why I am still here I guess but that doesn't pay your bills and I understand that. Going to church on Sunday does give me strength. I guess we just all need to belong and believe in something greater than ourselves and our problems.

I truly am sorry you find yourself in this place. I have struggled with depression for years and something I wrote for myself was: If the best is yet to be, the rest is up to me. Nothing fancy or special but it reminds me that I play the biggest part of how I see the glass, half empty or full. Either way, I hold the glass. God be with you.

Jesus will give you hope
by: YouAreLoved

Hey there. I know what it feels like to have no hope. And, although I do not exactly know what you are going through, please rest assured that I'm praying for you.

You were asking for a chant or something to say in order to become positive again. Well, let me share with you my secret.

I don't have a chant or something to say. I just have hope in one person. His name is Jesus. You may have heard of Him before and you might be wondering how on earth He could give you hope.

Well, He loves you and He came here to die for your sins. And not just that. He came here because He wants to give you hope. He says, "Do not let your heart be troubled, trust in God, trust also in me." You can look it up in the Bible in John 14:1. He wants you to know that you can have hope through Him. And how? You need to trust in Him and believe Him that He can help you and restore you and give you the hope that you need. Better yet, He can BE the hope that you need. All you need to do is trust Him as the Lord and Savior of your life.

Hope this helps. I'm praying for you.

No hope
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The thoughts you have make you how you are, and when you believe things wont get better, this is the result you have.

Don't give up, you have to keep going. When you wake up in the mornings and tell yourself you can't get out of bed then this becomes a huge challenge and also put the steps into play as to how your day will turn out - one of not being able to cope.

You can be a glass half full girl again, but only if you believe you can. Make small goals for yourself to get you through the day. When you go to bed tell yourself that as soon as you wake you are going to get up straight away and have a shower. The next goal can be eating breakfast, as you are eating breakfast decide n your next goal, maybe going out for a walk which is going to last 30 minutes. Break your whole day up into 'can do' moments. Tell yourself "Well done" each time you achieve a goal, no matter how small it is. The more you do the more hopeful you will become.

It may help you to make a list of goals you are gong to achieve throughout the day and cross them off each time you achieve one.

The attitude you have when you start your day is vital. If it is an "I can do this" one your day will go well, and will be a half full day. On the other hand if your attitude is one of "I can't cope" then your day won't go at all well.

Start talking to yourself! Say positive stuff about yourself as often as you can. Even saying "I can do this" is empowering. How about "I have faith in my ability" Your thoughts are important, they make you how you are.

Stay determined, you can do this, you just have to believe you can!


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