I have done a lot and learned nothing from my experiences

by william r hall
(tucson az)

I am 60 now and I have been in automotive sales for 25 years. I lost my job due to the closing of my store.

I have no energy, and I feel no one wants me any more. I have no confidence in SELF any more.

I remember back in 1979 I bought a restaurant bar business and I knew nothing about it, but I knew I could make it, and I did. In 1983 I got into car sales, and thought this was it, and I made great money. The years have been good and not so good.

I thought the more you did something the better you got, its not like I learned nothing. I should be out there teaching my skills, but I feel I have nothing to give. I feel I am a total failure. I really hate myself. I would like to end my life, but I have my wife, my two sons and grandbabies that love me. I wish I could love myself the the way I love my wife and kids and grand kids but I don't.

I would like feel feel good about my self and have something to give to other people.

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self belief
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

The first thing I want to say is that no way are you a failure. You have worked hard all your life, have a wife, sons, and grandkids, all who love you. I am certain they do not look on you as having failed because you have lost your job through no fault of your own.

I can relate to your being tired, you are 60 years of age and when we reach this age our bodies tend to let us know how they are feeling!

Personally I feel you should look on this time to re energize yourself, look on it as a break and let your body unwind after all its hard work.

Your attitude is vital at this period in your life. The choice is yours as to how you see yourself. Why put down all the work you have done and look on yourself as a failure?

Perhaps your body is lacking vitamins, such as iron, which gives you energy, or other vitamins. I find that drinking lots of water each day really makes me feel more energetic. (I am over 60 also, so I know how tired and low in energy us old people can get!)

As far as loving yourself, this again is attitude and self talk. Count your blessings, William, you will find you have many. The most important people in your life want you, and this must count for something.

Take time to think about what you would like to do in the future. Don't feel despair, look on this as a positive. Maybe decide to work fewer hours now to leave time for you to do other things that you enjoy.

You deserve to be loved and certainly should love yourself for what you have achieved in the past.
It's never too late to go to night classes, if you can decide on something different you would like to do. Maybe you could become a tutor, to pass on your knowledge. There will be something you can do - put your thinking cap on!

Get back that positive attitude you seem to have discarded, and realize that you are worthwhile. When you do this you will come to realize that you do love yourself, always have, but just got lost for a little while.

Become positive William, I know you can do it.


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