I hate My life

by Twilight

I am 20 years girl, studying in Bangladesh so far from my own country. When I was with my mom and brother I was okay by myself even though I was shy with the other people.

Now I am living with different country friends though I like them. I have a lot of problems in my head and I could not share. I am keeping them inside and I do not want to share with others. I feel I have no reliable and lovely friends.
I have friendship with some of my seniors who advise me and help to develop me. Though, they some times do small things which hurts me so.
Totally I hate my life.I have a lot to share with someone else but I cannot.

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I hate my life
by: Anonymous

Look you are away from your home and everything is strange and you miss your family. Give yourself a chance, things will get better and brighter and people will reach out to you and come into your life. It takes time to settle down and you have got someone who is helping you to settle.
There will be groups you can join and find friends. Just give it time.

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