I hate my life

I'm 16 this year. I seriously hate my life to the max! My school sucks to the core! My teachers and friends are useless to me. I don't like anything here.. I tried to bear it for one more year cause I'm graduating this year but I really cannot! My biggest problem is my SCHOOL, FRIENDS & TEACHERS! I hate them!!

I've studied 3 years in this school but I cant anymore. I'm very depressed and upset. I want to elope to another country and study there as I love and want, but my parents are not letting me :(( I cant cope with anything nowadays!

I cannot tell this to anyone that's why I'm telling it here.. can anyone help me ? I really need someone there for me! I have a boyfriend but he's overseas so I cant depend on him, and we are not on good terms! Can anyone give me suggestion as to how can i get this damn school and friends out of my life and have a awesome life? I need help[ please!! :((

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I hate my life
by: Anonymous

If you go around and ask people if they went through periods of hating their life, I think you would find very few people who at some time did not hate their life and felt that they were getting nowhere.
Have you a sympathetic relative or teacher you could confide in, do you belong to a church or youth group. Somewhere there will be someone if you look for them will be prepared to talk to you and help you.

In the meantime think about all the things that you enjoy and are good at, even subjects at school that appeal to you. Not everyone is good at all school subjects and can find them boring. Is there a school counsellor.

I hate my life
by: Kay

Everything in life is about attitude, and I feel the problem you have is not your friends, school or teachers, it's within you. You are very negative and it is easy to blame others for your problems. You have to take personal responsibility for your life and accept that maybe the blame lays neatly at your feet.

I don't feel you will like my answer, but I am not going to say 'poor you' when I believe if you take a good look at yourself and think really hard you will come to understand what I am saying to you. Stop all the negative thoughts you have about everyone in your life, and decide to change your own thoughts to be a happier person.

The thoughts you are having make your reality. It is your own thoughts that are making you unhappy, not the other people in your life! Your feelings are caused by your thoughts. Think about this for a minute. When you can accept that this is the truth then you should realise that you can change how you are and how you feel by the things that you think.

Its up to you. Either be miserable and spend your life blaming others for your feelings and failures or generate some good feelings inside yourself. Start by telling yourself how worthwhile you are, how happy you are. You have to love yourself. Make dreams of what you want to achieve and then work your way slowly towards them.

Aim for something good in your life, don't blame others for the way you are feeling. And above all don't sulk because I have told you the truth, even though it may hurt as you read it. Running off somewhere else will not solve your problem because your problem is inside you.

I know you have it within you to have a fabulous life. I know you have the ability to change those thoughts to enable you to do something amazing in your life and I want you to think hard about what I have said and change your thoughts and become how you want to be.

Good luck, you can do this.


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