i hate my life

by Rema
(new york)

I try hard to be the best I can. I study all night long only to get a scholarship and be able to afford to dorm at stony brook. I study all night long, search for scholarships everyday, go to the library and study from 9am-8pm. Later, after I am almost close to achieve my aim, my parents broke their promise. They said I cannot dorm. It broke my heart. I could have applied to hunter college which requires less time. I always wanted to dorm in college and they know it. Am 18 and in 11th grade.

All my friends laugh at me. I have nobody to talk to. I am just all alone. My parents always break my heart only to laugh when they see me miserable. But they never realise its killing me inside.

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I hate my life.
by: Anonymous

You need someone to talk to who will understand. Yes parents do not always understand and other people do not understand either.

Out there someone will and help you get it all in context, you are doing your best but if you want to dorm, it might be a lot more expensive for your parents to do this rather than live at home in the meantime. With some talking through, you might be able to reach a solution.

You are working hard to get your scholarship but you also need to get out and lighten up or do something to give you pleasure. Surely you have hobbies or pursuits, you can take part in.

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