I hate my life, I want to change

by watany

At first I am feeling that my luck is very bad comparing to my friend, it is too hard to get anything or to achieve.

I graduated from merchant navy academy with grades excellent, but I feel it is not enough and I should to continue my studies in any country in EU to learn more things. When I made this decision I found the military in my country, they said to me we need you in the army, and I cannot refuse.

everyday in my life after graduation is about sleeping the whole day then go out with friends do nothing in our life.

i want to change everything in my life, i want to be a good and success person, i want to be an important person really iam very depressed and confused and i donot what can i do in my life i knew that iam wasting my time and my life please any one help me

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Personal growth
by: Personal growth

Thanks so much for sharing all of the great information! I am looking forward to reading more blog

I hate my life, I want to change.
by: Anonymous

It is up to you to make the move and you can do it. You seem to have had a good education, you just need to find what is right for you and it might take time.

There is nothing to stop you from exploring your options and researching what ways and means you could obtain your ambitions.

Make a note of all the advantages that you have and what talents and then go from there. Best of luck.

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