I hate my him! HOW TO CHANGE IT or Myself ?

by Ni.Z

I'm currently in Y8. I know a lot of annoying disturbing and unthoughtful a**holes. There is this one guy in all of my classes, who is all the time annoying every one and taking the micky out if fat people or spotty ones. I have once or couple more times been asked out by him but I said no for no reason. I have a HUGE crush on him like 24/7 for 2 months now. Because earlier I said no now he keeps annoying me and really putting me down wanting him and changing myself so much that I became an evil slag. I dunno what to do !?\

I also started seeing that I'm not looking as good as I should and keep changing myself a LOT!

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I hate my him! How to change it or myself
by: Anonymous

You do not need someone like that, you are worthy of someone else a lot nicer, people who put other people down are not worth much in anyone's eyes.

There are other people out there, try and move out and cultivate them. You do not have to try and change yourself, if you are meant to change, it will happen with other life experiences.

You are what you are, and everybody has good and bad points. Make a list of all the things you are good at and work on them. If there is something you are interested in follow it up.

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