I hate hating my life

by unhappy

I really hate my life. I have a lot to be thankful for but I just hate having no one to share my life with. I have friends... they are just surface friends that help me out if they have time. My Dad died a year ago, My mom has Alzheimer's, my husband left 3 1/2 years ago and I love my 17 year old... but he's not someone I can share everything with.. know what I mean? I long for that closeness with someone I can just call and say, "you know who I saw today" or whatever. What is worse, is that I thought I had a family who "adopted" me. Well, I guess I expected too much... like being a real family. When you are in the hospital they come visit you or call you every once in a while but no.. they are too busy also. They are always trying to judge me. It all adds to my depression instead of helping.

So, as I said in the beginning, I have a lot to be thankful for.. with no one to share it with.. it sucks!

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by: Anonymous

Do you have a job or steady income? Do have your own place? Do you have a son you love? Do you have decent health insurance (you have A LOT BTW) you can shop around till you find the perfect psychiatrist who while prescribe anything that will chill out these crappy thoughts, don't take them long time. Just get over the hump.

Screw the ex, he's gone. End of story. lots of other guys out there... geeze. and if you're out of shape, get in shape! No excuses. You can run/fast walk after meals which is amazing. And even going and join a gym and GO!. Not this "once a week because I'm busy rubbish" And avoid fast food, they are nasty.

Anyway, workout, get hot, write down all your blessings every night and focus on THEM, take some minor sedative/antidepressants for a while till things chill.

AND WORK OUT atleast 3 times a week minimum. and if you're a non-athelete, then hire a trainer to get you started and put you on a workout schedule to keep you going. Once you catch the "exercise bug" you'll never turn back, see the changes, let natural opiates flow, and then slowly taper off the wonderful little minor tranquilizers.

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