I get emotional and I dont think about my actions I just do them

by Belinda

When meeting people I make a good impression, they like me and then as quickly I will do things like being rude interrupting the conversation to bring my point over. I tend to overwhelm people wanting to be noticed wanting to be recognised.

I am a very good worker but I fail to be submissive I tend to question every single thing that I disagree with and it is busy ruining my career my friendships. It has caused me to feel insecure about myself, and I am starting to hate myself.

I am told that I have so much potential but no one is prepared to stick up with me because of these actions. I don’t know how to handle it anymore, and it seems the more I am trying to fix it the worse I make it as I don’t think before I do I just do.

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I get emotional.
by: Anonymous

We all say and do stupid things at times, I have done that and not thought about what I was doing. Looking back I feel ashamed when I think about it, I would not do it now. I often wondered what made me do it later on and even now I look back and wish that I had been more sensible. I found that with certain people I seemed to be more prone to that stupidity.
You have not go that on your own.

It might be an idea to practice listening to people and not saying a word in the meantime.
If you just stop each time, you will find that you have time to consider what you are going to say, and what effect that you might have on the people around you.

You will find that other people say and behave in a way that they would not have done had they time to think. Just watch.

Emotional responses
by: Kay

The good thing is that you know what your problem is. I feel you have to try very hard not to be confrontational when you know there's no real reason for it.

Make a habit of slowing down and counting to ten when you feel the need to say something you know you shouldn't. Allow the people to finish what they are saying, and then speak to get your opinion across. Each of us is entitled to an opinion. It's whether you should give it or not that you need to think about before you jump in with one. Remember that because someone may have a different opinion from you it doesn't necessarily mean that they are wrong, and so there should be no reason to argue your case because both of you can believe you are right, so why keep pushing to prove your point?

Make it a habit to think (slowly!) before you speak, and decide whether it is really essential for you to say what it is you feel.

Good luck,

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