i find life boring,

I have no real friends (its a fact), no one that I can talk to that would care, my job sucks, and I just hate life, it doesn't make any sense!

I wake up, go to work, head to the gym, go back home watch tv, hang out, but I just do it because I give the illusion that everything is ok, if it wasn't because the thought of committing suicide has been engraved in my mind and it will send me to hell(if there is one)if I do it, I would have have done it years ago. I really just feel down all the time, nothing makes sense.

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I find life boring
by: Anonymous

If you are finding life a bit boring maybe you are in a rut, it takes some effort to get yourself out of the rut and it is so easy to get locked in it.
I have seen on TV a continuing documentary on a family who have all got serious weight problems, they are stuck in a groove and cannot seem to get out of it. They lose weight then they go back, they just have not got the motivation to stick at a programme to change their lives Life would be a different ball game for them if they worked at losing weight and taking part in more active pursuits but somehow or other the rut they are in, is just too comfortable for them to shift.
What you want to do, is to do something different What are your interests or would you like to do something but you lack the confidence to go and do it.? Have you thought about travelling and making some plans for the future. There are night classes in various different subjects or sport.?

Boring Life
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. You have described the life of many millions of people on this earth, and yet most of these people make the most of what they have and manage to be happy.

Life is about attitude, you can say I hate my life, or you can say I love my life. You have a choice to be how you want. At the moment your attitude is not good. Life is boring because you don't appear to be making an effort to make it enjoyable.

Life is about doing things that build character, that make you strong, confident and brings you happiness. Accepting challenges and not giving up, not moaning and groaning how boring everything is when not bothering to make an effort to change how things are.

There are people in this world who cannot see, cannot walk, cannot speak, and yet they make their happiness by their attitude, by not giving in or complaining, but doing their best with what they have been given, and often being triumphant in their achievement. You can have a wonderful life if you change your way of thinking to one of gratitude for the wonderful life you have.

The choices you have are yours to make.

I wish you a happy fulfilled life.


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