I feel UGLY

Ok well I am on Facebook and when I upload photos everyone comments on them like omg that's a lovely picture of a pigs butt or wow image of ugly. This is really upsetting and it made me feel ugly and I am bleeding my parents dry as I am buying cosmetics costing over $300 a month for makeup hair dye and all that stuff I even considered plastic surgery and I am only 13

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I feel ugly.
by: Anonymous

Try to take no notice of these people they are bullies, let them get on with it and ignore the stupid comments. One day they will get back what they deserve. What comes round, goes round.

You have your own inner strength and beauty, talk to a trusted family member or friend about this. You may need advice as to what to do about this problem. It might be a good idea to withdraw from Facebook for a while. A lot of this rubbish unfortunately occurs on such sites.
Concentrate on what you are good at, and find some interests away from these clowns. It might be an idea if you can afford it or there is one available to go to a makeup class and get advice on makeup and hair styling, if you feel you have to. Someone will reassure you.

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