I feel stupid

by Dyanna

I am trying so hard to change my life, I am going back to school to get into nursing. The school work is not a problem, the problem is that in work (I just started as a nurses aide) I made a horrible mistake my first day and it could have easily been fixed had I just made a phone call.

I feel like I am not smart enough to handle any real life situations, that I cannot think outside the box or do anything on my own.

I feel so dumb most of the time, other people can do all this stuff and I can't seem to do anything right. Instead of listening to the voice inside my head telling me what I should do I do something else.

I have no confidence in myself or my abilities and really feel as if any job I attempt is going to be horrible because I am just not smart enough.

Why can I handle school work but not practical life? I am married with two children and feel like a total failure most of the time....Any help would be appreciated

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We Are All Blessed
by: Anonymous

I started reading the post searching for comfort from the same circumstance, a bad situation at work. As I read through the messages I realized I wasn't alone on how I felt, everyone feels the same way.

What is sad is that we beat ourselves up, and think less of ourselves and forget self worth. Thank you, thank you for telling me it is ok, shit happens sometimes and it does not make me a bad person. And so I may not have spoken correctly, but I know my job, and I will get it right the next time. It is all good, and we are all blessed!

mega phone in my head telling me iam stupid.
by: Anonymous

Where ever I go I have this constant feeling telling me I am stupid. Non stop, when I visit friends and family, do house work and projects.
I am exhausted from telling my self this is not so. I know I am friendly and smart but the feeling is overwhelming.

What to do...

Be kind to yourself
by: Anonymous

I can relate to so many of these comments. At the same time, I have such admiration for you people who are doing things with your lives. Being trained as a paramedic or a nurse, getting an education, pursuing any serious goal in your life - you should congratulate yourself.

One of the saddest things I've ever seen was the life of a person I knew who never made the first step towards pursuing a life goal, like a career or education, and ended up being a total sad case and having no hope at all, too old to be able to get out of this rut of passively giving up.

Actually, if you've posted here, then you're probably not stupid at all. I'm not stupid in everything I do but sometimes I do or say something stupid, I feel exposed and it really shakes my self-esteem. You should be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and don't forget that you've done things that have worked out. We all feel like idiots sometimes. It's part of being human.

Those people you look at who seem to do everything right probably don't really. They feel stupid sometimes too, unless they're in denial which is not a good way to live.

by: Anonymous

Being stupid has nothing to do with honest mistakes. By honest, I mean mistakes that happen regardless of how careful you are to do things correctly.
Stupidity has an element of intention to it. For example, treating people rudely or with disrespect, impatience or with a lack of understanding is stupid. Why is that stupid? It's stupid because treating people badly ruins relationships. There's also an element of "karma" to it - chances are if you treat people badly, YOU will be treated badly by others.
As previous commenters have stated, mistakes are nothing more than teaching tools. One of the things we must learn from mistakes is to acknowledge the error WITHOUT feeling stupid!

Today. I too jumped in the band wagon
by: Anonymous

The states from Medicare came to audit our unit today, they had me perform a chlorine test in the water treatment facility. I totally crashed and burned bc I didn't prepare myself.

I've felt stupid all day to the point that I lost my appetite and can't stop having flash back of the event. I want to trade my brain with someone else right now. Now so much for a more smarter person, but someone who is more forgiving of themselves for f****g up. I'm just the type that beat myself over and over about it for weeks.

youre not alone
by: medic101

I have recently qualified as a paramedic, and I feel like such a fool, I freeze up and feel so stupid, I cant remember the stuff I learned, and I see all my friends doing so well and here I am. struggling, stuck in a rut and I don't know where to turn.

People say its nonsense and I must stop thinking like this, but I cant help but feel like it. I feel rejected by others, useless, I feel like an out cast and that I'm always a last resort to anything. If anyone can tell me how to deal with this please I would appreciate it.

i feel stupid and abashed
by: the dump

I feel stupid and fool whenever i talk to my friends
i feel stupid whenever I walk in the class
i feel stupid whenever i try to joke
i feel stupid whenever i act like smart
i feel stupid whenever i laugh
i feel stupid whenever i say my opinion
i feel stupid whenever i think
i feel stupid whenever i notice that i am stupid

i wish that i can sleep forever and stop being stupid.
please someone help to get rid of that feeling

to anyone who feels hopeless
by: Anonymous

Stay strong! if you ever feel like you're not smart enough keep working hard because good results will follow.
Even if you feel like you have tried so hard but you keep failing well try again, and keep on trying. Don't ever give up. If you have bad grades and a low gpa that should just encourage you to work harder.

Besides those who work hard are MUCH better than those who who get good grades when they don't even try. hard workers are more admirable.

keep your head held high.

God knows that you're trying and he will reward you for that.

by: Anonymous

hanging by a thread of hope... my mind feels strained and powerless. I feel like I have gotten to life thus far on easy breaks, natural talents and luck.

I have to start working hard... but I feel constantly stupid and as though I have lost the ability to learn.

I am scared. I am stuck. I am looking for someone to be a life assistant, and this is impossible.

I am scared.

by: Anonymous

Forgiveness is at the root of the problem. Forgiveness and tolerance. If you are more tolerant of others' shortcomings, learn to extend the same courtesy to yourself. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, you deserve it

by: Anonymous

Going home to blue isle
I know it won't be awhile
Forever if I do come back
Sovereign tome, stable vial
Wanting to be exiled
Forever ever do come back

am i dumb??
by: Anonymous

It seems like I am a failure. Everytime I do something it's hard for me to understand and everyone else gets it!

I graduated from college wirh a 2.0 because I just can't get it right??? Writing papers in apa format? I can't do it, read on it and I am as lost as I was before I read it. Everything I try I fail at terribly, why??? I want to give up and just stop it altogether!!!

be positive
by: nursesoon!

We've all fallen from time to time, and I know where you're coming from. I made a few mistakes in nursing clinicals, nobody was hurt, and it really wasnt that big of a mistake, but I felt like I was in the wrong place and all I wanted to do was get out.

But then I realized that everyone makes mistakes and thats part of being human. So please dont continue beating yourself up over the small stuff. Remember dont sweat the small stuff and its ALL small stuff..

God Bless.

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Everyone makes mistakes at some time or other, so you are not alone in this. Making a mistake is an opportunity to learn how to do something the right way. It is a fast way to learn, providing you listen, take on board how you should have done the job so that it doesn't happen again.

Because you make mistakes does not mean you are stupid. The only reason you believe you are stupid is because you tell yourself you are. No one is perfect. The other people you see that you feel get things right will have made mistakes in the past, as I have said, this is how we learn.

You said yourself your little voice tells you what is the right thing to do, and yet because you have told yourself so often that you can't cope because you aren't smart enough, you let this thought override your little voice, end up doubting yourself, and get things wrong.

Your sub conscious mind cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

When you keep telling yourself that you are stupid, not capable, have no confidence, are a total failure, guess what? Your sub conscious is paying close attention to what it is hearing, taking it on board, and filing it away for the next time you have something to do. When you go to do it, out comes all the negative stuff that it believes to be true, because this is what it has been told.

Sit and have a think about this. I am sure you will see how negative your self talk is. Don't let that sub conscious tell you different, until it knows the correct truth!

You have work to do! Not too hard, but it will take practise. Change your self talk into an "I can do this" mode and when you have done this for a while your subconscious will get the message and turn you into the wonderful, positive, capable woman I know you have tucked away somewhere inside.

Remember, making a mistake does not mean you are stupid. I make mistakes all the time, I really do. The next time you make one, don't beat yourself up, that's a total waste of energy, just tell yourself you'll do better next time, learn from it, and move on!

Your thoughts make you what you are.


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