I feel lost in life............

by gogo
(united state, AZ)

I'm only 13 now. When I was 11 everyone made fun of me. I tried to ignore everything that made me mad and live my life better. but I can't.

Nobody cares about me, nobody ever asked me how my life or how I feel. The only thing I can to is cry that's all. My family doesn't care about me they always hit me. They made my life bad. I started cutting myself, I stopped eating. I thought that's gonna help, but it didn't. I just made myself sick more.

I cry myself everyday to go to sleep. I was wishing that I'll die but I didn't die, but I really feel that I'm a cool person... smart, funny, into music, art and clothing... very nice in general but I cannot find friends that are deep or seem to understand me at all. I'm just lost in this life. If you have anything to share that might help, I would appreciate it. Thank You!

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I feel lost in life.
by: Anonymous

You are still young and have a long way to go.
Have you thought of going to a sympathetic family member, maybe a grandparent or an aunt of uncle who will sit down and listen to you and do something to help you feel a lot better.

You are not the only one to feel like this, I think most people go through what you are going through now and it is so easy to let someone who is ignorant get at you. People can be unkind but sometimes they are like that because they are not happy either.

Have you a counsellor at your school or someone in your church who would listen to you and help you find your way. Maybe even your family doctor might help.

Look around even the mother of one of your friends you might be able to talk to but there will be a way out of this.

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