I feel like such a failure

It's hard to know where to start.. I recently completed a course to qualify as a Primary Teacher. I found the course very stressful and difficult as I went back as a mature student and much of the study was by distance education as well as on sites and a 3 week residential course.

Anyway the most stressful part of the course was interacting with the other students. I felt like I was back at school and felt all the old insecurities as the 'popular' group got together and other groups got together but I felt like an outsider - one of the oldest but not married or not at that place that one is expected to be at a particular age. I did make some friends towards the end but I feel that they really only feel sorry for me and that's why they befriended me.

The course is now over and this group got together Friday night. Three out of the group of six have got temporary work, two are getting regular supply work and I'm the only one I feel who's getting very little work. I now feel that I'm not a good teacher which added to feeling tolerated rather than liked, its very negative. I've had difficulty with behaviour management in the classroom and have felt out of my depth but find it hard to ask for help when I'm older. I'm feeling really sensitive and cry at the least thing lately. I don't really have any close friends now, I did in the past but now we don't see each other much.

Another thing is that I'm renting a house in the country. It's not that far from some of my family but I do feel isolated in the sense that I have to drive to go anywhere. I'm debating whether I should move but am thinking I should wait till I get some kind of regular work - basically my life is a mess right now.

I'm not in a relationship either so I feel very much alone.
Any advice would be welcome.

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I feel like such a failure
by: Anonymous

You need to take a look at this and get some sort of counselling from someone who is going to help you find yourself.
You are not the only one facing such problems, there are people out there who are and everyone in their lifetime will face some sort of crisis
What sort of teaching are you going into?
You need to look into your options and your strengths and weaknesses which we all have.
When you have done this, you will see your way clear.
You do not have to accept being put down from anyone.

I feel like a failure
by: Anonymous

You do not have to feel a failure, you would have gained something by doing the course. Teaching now is not an easy job, it can be very stressful dealing with children, some of whom can be very challenging to an adult who may be at a loss to know what to do when faced with naughtiness.
You might be better dealing with adults who want to learn. You did not say what type of teaching you were going into either.
Whatever, not all will be lost, you have talents you can use them. Just write a list of all the things that you are good at.
I think you should seek some form of counselling and go and talk to someone who can understand and help you sort something out.
Joining a class say on public speaking, might give you more confidence.

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