I feel like I'm a failure and I'm not smart enough.

by jami

I have no reason to feel this way. I'm healthy, I have a wonderful daughter and partner.

I just get this overwhelming feeling that I won't accomplish anything. I have very little self confidence or esteem, I'm fatigued, my job is pointless, I make very little money, I don't ever want to do anything for myself. I feel bored a lot of the time, which is ridiculous. I'm lacking inspiration. I can't be satisfied. I'm stupid. I feel LAZY!
I didn't always use to feel this way..
what happened?

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feel a failure and not smart enough
by: Anonymous

Of course you are not a failure, it is just that you have lost your way and perhaps something has happened to make you lose self worth.
What are you interested in, you will have some talents or you want to do something but afraid of making a mess of it. It does not matter, just try and if you do mess it up, try again later on.
Why not go along to your library and see what there is there or visit a women's self help group.
You are a housewife and a mother, you will have learned a lot doing just that.
Make a list of what you are interested in and good at and go from there. Ever thought of writing stories or doing art work or gardening.

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