I feel like everybody hates me

I feel like everybody hates me my parents always tell me to go away and I'm the only one out of my 3 sisters who gets shouted at all the time.

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by: Anonymous

Hello I feel the same... I'm in the exact situation and I can say maybe our mom loves us for being their own blood and meat but not for who we are do you get the difference? So my mom also wants me to leave home... I'm not welcome and I feel so crap because she should be the one to want me and keep me safe.

Hate is such a strong word.
by: Anonymous

Your parents can't hate you because you are their daughter. No matter what they will never hate you. Trust me even after all the fights and stunts we pull our parents won't hate us and I don't think they hate you. They could be feeling stressed and tired. That could be why they want you to be away from them. Remember it isn't about you they may be over-worked. Try not to feel hurt by it because you are loved. I'm not in your head and I won't try a tell you what to do but it seems like you are feeling very insecure at the moment and that is what is causing you to feel self conscious. No one can hate you unless you have done something to harm them and even then you can be forgiven.

You need to laugh and joke around with your friends to make you feel better. And remember every time you think people are talking about you or hate you just say to yourself it's their problem. I know it isn't a nice feeling to feel hated but more than often the person is just jealous or they are feeling insecure.

About your sisters there is always one child that gets picked on more, trust me I know I am the middle child and I get shouted at way more than any other of my sisters. That's just something you have to ignore before you get too angry about it. Things will be better and remember Its not about you. Hope this helps this is my first time giving advice.

I feel ;like everyone hates me.
by: Anonymous

There is surely someone in your family or amongst your friends that you can talk to. Someone must love and care about you. It is finding that person that is important. It might be that your parents are worried about something which is going on and do not realise that their behaviour is affecting you.

Have you a counsellor at your school you could go and see. If you have a look around someone will help you and just remember if you believe in guardian angels there will be on for you.

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