I feel cold in the chest and sad all the time

by graham
(UK, )

I just find it so hard to understand why I have remained single like forever... urm.. It's quite hard to come to the understanding that maybe I'm undateable or whatever. It's just I see other people in relationships that are bad or abusive and it makes me angry because they don't deserve the other person... but sometimes I see couples that are happy...and I just think why can't i have that???

Why does everyone around seem to be moving onto that stage of their life and I've never been kissed :(... I've been hurt, lied to, stood up, strung along, set up... I've experienced everything bad but nothing good... I feel that maybe I'm destined to be alone...

It sucks.... it sucks like hell

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Please don't feel sad
by: Anonymous

This probably won't make you feel any better but all the bad experiences you had with previous people will show you what you really want in a relationship.

You may not think it but having never been kissed may be a good thing because if you wait then your first kiss will be with someone special. You sound sweet and one day, I can't tell you when, you will find someone who makes you happy. Unfortunately until then when you see couples together that will suck but just remember the wait will be worth it. When you find that person all the heart ache will be worth it.(Getting stood up really does suck)

cold in the chest and sad all the time
by: Anonymous

You have not got it on your own, there are a lot of people out there who have never had the chance to meet that special person. Maybe they are around the corner and in the most unexpected place.
You need to find interests where you are involved with other people who share those. Even though you feel on your own mixing with other people will give you energy and purpose.
Trying too hard will often put other people off, just take everyone at face value. Do you like music, and interests to brighten you up?
We all suffer from depression at times and feel that the world is sad and nothing nice is going to happen, I have just been through that today.

Don't give up maybe there is a another person like yourself feels lonely and on their own whom you can help to feel better in themselves, even if you do not start a relationship, if you have been able to help them that is a start.

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