I don't seem motivated to get a job and if I get one, I can't seem to last very long at it

by Jennifer

I will get a job and then I quit. I am not motivated to keep doing it and then I find I cannot physically do it anymore.

I have always wanted to go back to school. Right now I am almost finished an online Psychology course. But, my husband has been constantly pressuring me to go get a job, even if it is at Home Depot.

I just feel like I want more for myself. It makes me feel depressed.

I seem to have now turned into a sort of agoraphobic...not wanting much to leave the house except mostly to go to the store or drive my son to school. Am I becoming mentally ill?

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I don't seem motivated
by: Anonymous

Seek some counselling if you have access to it, also go to vocation guidance or somewhere similiar, if you feel like a round peg in a square hole, you have not found your niche in life. Someone somewhere should have the answers, people close to you may lack that. Just keep on looking.

by: kim C

I think if you let yourself stay home all the time, not only will you become severely agoraphobic but that it will turn into a depression! I hate to work but I have to sometimes so I don't get depressed. On the other hand, having the added pressure from your husband does not help. Tell him it doesn't. Make yourself happy, no one else is going to because you're the only person who knows how to. Good luck

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Congratulations on almost finishing your psychology course. Will this enable you to find a job in this profession? It's wonderful to have a goal and work your way towards it.

I feel you are frustrated at times, but this often happens when we try to organise family and do what we know is right for ourselves. It's not wrong to go with what your heart wants, and I believe it is wonderful that you do.

I can appreciate that your husband may see your unhappiness and lack of motivation and perhaps feels that getting into the workforce may at least give you people to connect with and motivate you. Can you perhaps meet him halfway and get something part time and still work towards bettering yourself?

I hope you can work things out to enable you to educate yourself because I feel this is what you want, but put things into perspective so that you have a happy family environment.

Good luck.

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