I don't really have any friends

Two years ago, I left my boyfriend of four years. I thought I was going to better off, but in the end... I am alone. He took all of my friends and even hung out/dated those I thought were my true friends.

I have a new boyfriend now.... He is always out with his friends and I find myself sitting home. I do not like being alone. It is a real confidence killer.

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Says more about him than you
by: Anonymous

He's pondlife,better gone!
Don't set yourself up for this happening again, make some loyal friends, enjoy their company. Dont even think about boyfriends until you've thought about what kind of man you really want. If he starts behaving like Adonis Previous, ditch him. He behaved the age of his shoe size. It's about choosing the man you want, not him choosing you
We all have to learn the hard way sometimes, don't take it personally, you sound like a decent girl, so keep it that way, good luck

I don't have any friends.
by: Anonymous

I would like to say, do you really need someone like this. He is taking advantage of your isolation and in a way is using you as you are needy. You do not need to go on like that.
There are times that we feel we cannot find friends and we are isolated and when we do try to connect with people, they may turn us away.
Anyone like that is not worth bothering with if they cannot be approachable and unfortunately there are people who form their own little comfort groups and they in the end are missing out on other worthwhile contacts.

Just keep on looking you will find people who will befriend you, it is a matter of finding those who share your interests and we all have interests in activities, music, hobbies, sports whatever.

No friends
by: Kay

Hello, you need friends! Join a club, go walking, dancing, to the gym, do evening education, cooking, art, anything that will bring you in touch with other people. Friendship has to be given before it can be received. Make the effort to better your life.

Don't let life pass you by sitting at home while your boyfriend goes out and enjoys himself without you. Why would he go out without you? Why doesn't he take you along with him?

Find a young man who wants to share his time with you. Love who you are, you are special!

Good luck,

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