I don't know

by Rachel
(Fort smith, Arkansas, us)

I am 21, divorced single mom, and a full time student. I'm not sure what my problem is but I really need answers. I'm known to be bright but I can't seem to find the motivation or energy. I am 185 lbs and in my mind I want to be 145. Though my professors think I'm so amazing they don't see that I am so much more.

I just don't have the motivation to do beyond my capabilities. I always feel exhausted when I get home from work and school and sometime I struggle playing with my daughter because I feel tired. I am a chemistry major minoring in math and biology... Pre-med student. I work in a lab and I have a nice home but I am sad that I can't afford to do much and I can't find the energy to find a second job or a job that will pay me better as a lab tech.

I sometimes zone out when I'm with my daughter because I get so stressed. I have no self-esteem when it comes to boys. I have my share of boyfriends and sex partners and no I don't have an STD but I still feel like a nasty person for my past in high school and my choices in men after my divorce.

I just want to find someone who will love me for me and I to will love them. I hate being alone and this has been a tough past 6 months with me learning to be alone. I pick really bad guys... I want to find a guy that is smart, attractive, family oriented, and caring. Please help me find a way to motivation and energy... Maybe even happiness and maybe once I learn to love my life prince charming will come and I to can show him into the light. I Want to fall back on love with Jesus also that way he to can show me to live purely and selflessly.

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I don't know
by: Anonymous

From what you have been saying, I think that you are trying to do too much at once and you have a lot on your plate. You need to take some time out once in a while even if it is not easy. You say that you spend time with your daughter, that is something.
Try to plan some little treat that is not going to cost too much and do it. Take one day at a time and fill that up, then take the next step after you have finished with that.
As for blokes, do not try so hard, the right one will come along if you take your time. Someone who really is going to care about you is worth waiting for, and just remember you are worth it!

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