I don't know what to do with my life

by Alex

Up until recently I loved going to school and doing well. I always got really good marks in tests and I wanted to become a vet.

But recently I've felt really low. I don't want to be a vet any more, but I can't think what I do want to be. I like biology and maths and Latin, they are my favorite subjects but I can't think of anything that ties all three of them in without chemistry or physics getting in the way.

I've been off school with a bad headache, but my Mum has been yelling at me and it makes my head worse. She thinks I'm lazy and I'm wasting my education, but she doesn't understand how she's making me feel. She constantly tells me how bad I make her life "acting the way I do"- but I don't understand what I'm meant to do to please her. I haven't got anyone to talk to about it, my friends would think I'm being stupid.

Please can you help me and tell me what to do? I feel like all my problems are crushing me and I can't see a way out.

from Alex

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Don't know what to do
by: Kay

The most important thing to do is the career that will bring you happiness. Do you have a teacher you can speak with, one who can advise you regarding a career change? Have you Googled career + biology maths and Latin to see what comes up?

There are life coaches on the internet if you Google them, they may be able to help you in some way?

I think your friends may understand if you were to chat with them, you may even find they aren't happy with choices so far.

Good luck.

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